Booking Your Entertainment

This list of popular corporate entertainment will give you some advice on how to narrow down your search and find the right fit that will help make your event a success. No matter what type of entertainment you choose, be sure that it is going to be appropriate for your group. Be sure to ask for a demo video to preview their show and request references from past clients.

"If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane." - Jimmy Buffett

A stand-up comedian can be a great way to get your group laughing. Comedy is best served after dinner and can be of varying degrees of spice. You want to be sure the comedian you hire can work within the guidelines and restrictions that pertain to your business, audience and event needs. All comedians will tell you that they can do a clean, corporate show, much like used car salesmen, so you need to book through a reputable agency to ensure your comedian is a perfect match for your event. Pricing is based on experience and credits.

Comedy acts don't have to be just stand-up comedians, many corporate acts blend magic, juggling or other variety performances into their shows. This variety helps ensure that there is something for everyone.

There are many different styles of corporate magicians and corporate magic shows. Some magicians move from table to table; others perform a large illusion show with special effects and a cast of dancers; others specialize in comedy magic that gets your audience laughing while being amazed. Improv consists of short scenes usually constructed from a predetermined game, structure, or idea and driven by an audience suggestion. Imagine the fun which could come from your guests ideas and imaginations.

Psychological Illusion puts the human condition on display for all to learn, laugh, explore and enjoy. The mysteries of human nature are as intriguing as they are entertaining, and have provided the platform for this new and exciting art on the cutting edge of entertainment. Prepare to be amazed, using the principals of: Psychoanalysis, Lie Detection, Synchronicity, Mind Reading, Influence, Suggestion, Super Power Memory, Risk, Chance, Thinking Techniques, and Prediction. Hypnotist shows can be great for the right group. They are very interactive and require a very outgoing and uninhibited group to really be successful. We recommend audiences over 150 people as you need half of the audience as volunteers. This will ensure the full entertainment values and greatest success of the show.

"Music is the universal language of mankind" - Longfellow

What about your music? A DJ is a great addition to any size or type of event. They can perform during the reception, dinner and right through the party. Live music can be smooth and easy listening or highly interactive, whether it is "wallpaper" (the term used for background music) from a single instrument player, duo or trio, to rocking the house after dinner! Bands get booked up quickly during prime times so make sure you book your early! For something different, ask about Dueling Pianos or Acapella groups for your next event!

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