Ken Valgardson

Ken Valgardson

Camrose, Alberta


Ken has performed comedy for over 22 years and this has taken him all across Canada and even to the Middle East to entertain our troops. Ken is one of the favorite corporate comics of western Canada with a very adaptable routine that touches on many subjects. Ken lives in rural Alberta so he can draw from his experiences to entertain rural communities from Bawlf to Tiger Lily (he's done it twice).

Keynote Speaker - "Observations of a Chalk Dust Encrusted Polyester Clad Educator"

Ken has been a Keynote speaker for Teacher's Conventions from Whistler to Winnipeg. His presentation "Observations of a Chalk Dust Encrusted Polyester Clad Educator" has tickled teacher's funny bones as they laugh with Ken's observations of the most rewarding jobs a person can have.

Ken's presentation will go through all aspects of school life from types of teachers, administration, parent/teacher interviews, and all stages that students go through from grades 1 to 12.

Since 1978, Ken's years of teaching in rural Alberta has given him an inside look at the humor of Education. He has taken the point of view of School as a student, teacher, and as his daughter goes through school, a parent.

Ken has entertained as a standup comedian across Canada and even entertained U.N. troops in the Middle East. After many years of going to conventions people have been frustrated with boring Keynotes and have asked him to speak and he has promised to be unlike the Keynotes he hates (this is in his presentation). Ken will motivate your teachers to look at the positives of the profession and will be a great way to start or end your convention. Ken's slideshow is a group of pictures that he narrates in his comical way to show us:

Ken's revenge is realized when he speaks of what he going to do the week before he retires. You will laugh as Ken says publicly what you have been thinking or only saying in the staff room. Ken's message is a simple one; we are all in one of the best professions in the world and we must try our best, but along the way we must stop to laugh.

Listen to what our clients have to say about Ken!

"Ken was great –we had tears rolling down our face. The content was appropriate."

"Everyone LOVED them we have got nonstop compliments about Ken! He was Fantastic was great at following the crowds reactions and keeping them all entertained"

"This year’s show was AMAZING. Every year right after the comedian is done, myself and a couple of the other organizers head back to the kitchen to finish cleaning up from supper - and compared to other years, we had way more people pop their head into the kitchen to tell us how awesome the comedian was. A comment we heard a lot was 'every year the comedian seems to get better, I'm not sure how you will top this one next year'"

"Ken was great! We had really positive feedback and I really enjoy it. Thank you again for helping us with our party! I will definitely reach out to Callback in the future. "

"Ken did an awesome job and everyone laughed and really enjoyed his show!!"

"It was great. Everyone I have heard back from had a great time. "


"Ken did an awesome job. I heard a lot of compliments from many people."

"I had nothing but good comments regarding Ken's performance (I had heard Ken before, so I knew what to expect). He brought lots of laughter to balance out our fundraising evening. He was great! It was also nice to have a comedian with a clean performance; sometimes you never know! "

"The show was excellent, everyone enjoyed him, I had many comments that they had seen several comedians this fall and they said he was the best they had seen"

"We had one of the most enjoyable experiences yet. Ken was very accommodating and his humor touched us all. Where the heck is Bawlf? My hat goes off to Ken for his professionalism and wit. "

"The show was extremely well received! Ken is excellent at 'finding the line' and tailoring his presentation to suit the crowd. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ken to any group - and I'm sure 99% of the audience felt the same way. "