Dave Kelly

Dave Kelly

Calgary, AB

Celebrity Host & Emcee

Dave Kelly is a story teller. But more than that, Dave Kelly has the unique gift of enabling those around him to also tell great stories.

As a moderator and host, he has travelled the world working with groups like EO and YPO/WPO to facilitate world class conversations that are as personal as they are inspiring.

From Delhi to Stanford, from Toronto to Amman, Dave uses his extensive television and theatrical experiences to bring out the best in those who lead - whether they lead nations or businesses, whether they lead quietly or with volume.

If there is a theme that Dave has discovered in the thousands of interviews and conversations with some of the best thinkers, writers and leaders in the world - it is that we are all human, we are all in this together, and there is something we can all learn.

That and there isn’t a presentation in the world that can be saved by PowerPoint.

Dave’s current production is Dave Kelly Live – www.davekellylive.com a fantastic live talk show playing at the majestic Grande Theatre.

Listen to what our clients have to say about Dave!

"You did it again! With your story telling and improv at the end of the evening, you kept everyone in their seats and thoroughly entertained – thank you. "

"We were very happy with Dave, he added so much personality and laughter to our evening and was instrumental in making it a success"

"Dave knocked it out of the park. I wish we were able to use him longer. He read the audience perfectly"

"Dave was terrific. We really love him working on this event with us and are hoping that we can book him for next year. "